Caroline’s paintings have been described as conveying fluent, energetic, meditative and ethereal qualities. This juxtaposition demonstrates a strict classification of her style is challenging and confining; she takes inspiration and influence from a diverse range of subjects. From seemingly mundane structures of the physical world to the unadulterated beauty of nature. Exploiting colour and subtle tonal transitions to capture the form and essence of her subjects.

Drawing from the visceral forces of nature: her subjects are represented as they appear in everyday life, their forms intensely realized on very large canvases. At times the subject matter is delicately transformed through a synthesis of realism and gentle abstraction. Caroline also conveys the excitement and immediacy of experimental expression through her abstract work, communicating the emotional intensity of her subconscious journey using the entire canvas as an arena.

Based in West Berkshire, England – she is a member of The Reading Guild of Artists. Caroline can be followed on facebook.

Artists Statement

My paintings are inspired by both personal experience and an intense love of nature, recognizing art in everything I see.
I have explored serenity in nature; the tranquil quality of orchids and the cathedral like presence of trees. Recently I have concentrated on close-up and stylised pieces which expose the viewer to detail and form not initially obvious.
Art can be found in the mundane elements of the physical world. In the tube station series of paintings, I imagined symbolic connections creating a very different story from what others may have perceived.
My paintings often are unplanned; I like going with them on a voyage of discovery without always knowing the final destination.  I paint in different styles and these cross-fertilise constantly, providing the energy and inspiration which  drives me on.